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Updated on April 26th

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We wish to share with you the most accurate online sources below:

  • On this worldwide map click on each port or country to view port restrictions on vessels and crew. Map will be updated up to 3 times per day. 
  • Get the latest COVID-19 Global Port Restrictions at this link here. 
  • Visit the WORLD PORTS INFORMATION PORTAL and get information from Q&A’s and latest updates on Crew Changes
  • Read at this link here useful COVID-19 updates by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) with advice and guidance for IMO Member States, seafarers and shipping.
  • New web platform by the European Commission with essential information for traveling across Europe.
  1. COVID-19 Crew Testing Map at this link here
  2. COVID-19 Crew Change Requirements at this link here
  3. Traveling to China or to Manila important information at this link here
  4. Travel Requirements For Crew Change In Singapore at this link here
Flight Updates & Restrictions
  1. TRAVELLING TO CHINA | effective from November 8th: All Chinese and foreign passengers who plan to fly from Greece to China (starting from November 8th, 2020), will be required to take nucleic acid and IgM anti-body blood tests within 48 hours prior to their departure and only those who test negative will be allowed to board the plane. Passengers must take the tests at a medical institution designated by Chinese Embassy in Greece and then apply for a green health codes with the "HS" mark or certified health declaration forms with certificates of negative results of both tests. Please read Frequent Asked Questions about the Airline Boarding Requirement for Certificate of Negative Nucleic Acid and Anti-Body Blood Tests for Covid-19 at this link here
  2. Indian Seafarers latest update: All Indian seafarers holding an Indian CDC (Continuous Discharge Certificate) travelling from India to the UK and beyond are required to possess a clearance from the Ministry of Shipping, Government of India irrespective of the ticket issued in India or abroad. This clearance mentioned above are 2 forms called FORM I and EMIGRATE FORM.
  3. Passengers arriving at Manila airport are required to register online at least three (3) Days prior to their date of departure to arrange for the mandated COVID-19 swab test (RT-PCR) to be administered upon arrival.: For OFWs -  - For non-OFWs (Returning Overseas Filipinos, etc.) - Passengers arriving at Cebu, are required to register online not earlier than five (5) days prior to their flight departure via the Passenger Arrival Registration Form. Click on this link - Read full details at this link here.
  4. Singapore airlines offers 5 weekly flights to Manila: Singapore airlines gradually opens more flights to destination Manila (5/week) to Melbourne (every day) and to Sydney (9/week). Read full article here
  5. New PCR rules for DUBAI: PCR tests are no longer required for all passengers. It is only mandatory for those arriving from a specific list of countries or/and when the destination country requires it: Check full details here
  6. Travelers arriving to Saudi Arabia updates: Please find here the latest update from the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) of Saudi Arabia, regarding preventive measures for travelers arriving to Saudi Arabia during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Travel to Greece updates until May 3rd

Travel Measures for Entering & Departing from Greece 
Countries that will NOT BE ABLE TO VISIT GREECE:

We would like to inform you that based on Greek Government’s decision, the following are valid:

  • Greece will ΝΟΤ open its borders for non-EU Citizens.
    Only citizens from the following 12 countries are excluded from the ban: USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Singapore, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Israel.
  • IMPORTANT Note: As of Monday, April 26, travelers from all EU member states, the United States, the United Kingdom, Serbia, Israel and the United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, Rwanda, Russia and Singapore, will be able to enter Greece without having to undergo the seven-day mandatory quarantine after arrival only if:

a. they have a negative PCR test performed less than three days (72 hours) prior to their trip (this includes children traveling from abroad, aged five and over), or

b. they have a vaccination certificate issued by a public authority in the English language, stating that 14 days have passed since the completion of their full vaccination for Covid-19.

Important Notes: 

Restrictions are not applied for transit travelers.

Travel from Greece updates until April 12th


As of Tuesday, November 10th, those traveling abroad from Greece (outbound travelers) will also be obliged to fill out the PLF form at least 24hrs before departure. The Form can be found here.

Travelers out of Greece will be required to self-isolate for a given period after several European countries revised their travel restrictions due to a surge in Covid-19 infections this month. Please find at this link the list of designated clinics in Greece that offer Covid-19 RNA test service.

Effective from Sunday, January 24th, at Athens International Airport a testing facility from IATRIKON ATHINON will be available to perform Rapid tests between 08:30 - 17:00. The test outcome certificate will be provided in English. In order to avoid any potential delay, it is highly recommended to the passengers to be at the airport at least 4,5 hours before their scheduled flight.

Traveling restrictions within EUROPE & THE BALKANS

Please note that many of the countries within Europe and require to fill in and electronically submit a compulsory Form (PLF ) 24 hours before departure. Please find below the travel restrictions and the relevant forms. For more details about each destination please use this IATA link here to get the latest travel restrictions / updates from IATA (Regulations Map*) or this link from the European Union.

Passengers who are allowed to enter the country

Following recent announcements by the Greek Government, entrance is allowed to passengers:

  • with nationality from EU countries and members of their family,
  • with nationality from Schengen countries and members of their family,
  • permanent residents of UK, Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Rwanda, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Israel,
  • healthcare professionals and health researchers designated to support the Hellenic national healthcare system,
  • third-country citizens who are long-term residents or long-term visa holders of an EU or Schengen member state,
  • third-country government members, diplomats, staff of international organizations, military personnel and humanitarian aid workers in the exercise of their duties,
  • in transit,
  • aircraft flight crew,
  • non-EU or non-Schengen citizens travelling for imperative family or business reasons, provided that the relevant authorization has been obtained by the Hellenic consulate.
COVID-19 measures

All passengers travelling on international flights to Greece: 

  • must fill in and submit the special Passenger Locator Form electronically, latest the day before their flight,
  • must display a negative molecular RT-PCR test result which has been carried out up during the last 72 hours prior the arrival to Greece. Only travellers who carry a certificate of a negative molecular RT-PCR test result will be allowed by the border authorities to enter the country. The certificates should be written in English and bear the name and passport/national ID number of the traveller. Children up to 10 years old and transit passengers (international to international) are exempted. 
  • are required to remain in isolation under quarantine for precautionary reasons for seven (7) days upon arrival at their place of residence, except if their stay in Greece is less and thus, the restriction applies for that period. 
  • Especially for travellers arriving from the United Kingdom, they will all be subjected to COVID-19 diagnostic Rapid test and are required to remain in isolation under quarantine for precautionary reasons for seven (7) days upon arrival at their place of residence, except if their stay in Greece is less and thus, the restriction applies for that period. A respective negative molecular test (PCR) is required at the end of the seven (7) day quarantine period to release the restriction. 
Required documents
Passenger Locator Form (PLF)

Passengers arriving to Greece (incoming passengers)
  • It is compulsory for all incoming passengers on international flights to fill in the PLF, the previous day before the flight.  
  • Administrative fine may be applied by the Hellenic Civil Protection, in case the PLF is not filled in. 
  • Passengers will receive a QR code which will be used by the Hellenic Civil Protection for the identification of Random COVID-19 test upon arrival. 
  • Passengers must hold and be able to demonstrate to the authorities the QR code on an electronic or printed format, upon arrival. 
  • In case a passenger fails to fill the PLF and does not have either a proof of PLF or the QR code, will be denied boarding. 
  • Urgent cases for travelling falling in the period of less than 24 hours prior flight, will be examined by Hellenic Authorities per case and acceptance or rejection will be notified to applicants through an email message. Airlines is required to check the existence of such a confirmation email prior passenger acceptance for boarding.

The PLF Process is a process of the Official Authorities of the Greek Government and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. For any questions regarding the completion and dispatch of the QR code, please contact the Official Authorities.

Upon arrival in Greece 

  • All incoming passengers from international flights are checked and subject to random COVID-19 test by the Hellenic Civil protection personnel, in predefined areas at the arrivals of each airport, according to their QR Code. If the COVID-19 tests are positive, the Hellenic Government Health Services will inform the passengers and instruct them to follow a supervised 14 days quarantine.
  • Following the random checks, passengers will be free to travel to their final destination or residence. 
  • International to domestic connecting passengers will be randomly checked to COVID-19 test (as per QR code) and then will proceed to Security Control and their departing gate. 
  • International to international transfer passengers will not go through COVID-19 test, nor they need to fill in the PLF and will proceed directly to Security Control and on to their departing gate. 
  • Administrative fines (Hellenic Government) apply to passengers not holding the electronic form - QR code.
  • Passengers are requested to remain in a temporary address/hotel, until the COVID-19 test results are published.

Passengers departing from Greece (outgoing passengers)

  • Until further notice, all Greek nationals and Greek permanent residents travelling on international flights departing from Greece must fill in and submit the special Passenger Locator Form electronically, latest the day before their flight.
  • Passengers must hold and be able to demonstrate to the authorities proof that they have filled the PLF.

The PLF Process is a process of the Official Authorities of the Greek Government and the General Secretariat for Civil Protection. For any questions regarding the completion and dispatch of the QR code, please contact the Official Authorities.

Further Info
  • Flights schedule from/to Greece is operating normally, with adjustments due to lockdowns in Europe and Greece.
  • Flights schedule within Greece is operating normally, with adjustments due to the lockdown. Until 01/02/2021, passengers are allowed to travel as long as they have a relevant and official form/letter justifying that they travel only for business, health reasons, imperative family reasons and to return home.
  • Until further notice, all permanent residents of Greece travelling on international flights departing from Greece must fill in and submit the special Passenger Locator Form electronically, latest the day before their flight.
  • The flight ban from/to Turkey is extended up until 08/02/2021. 
  • The flight ban from/to Barcelona is extended up until 08/02/2021. 
  • As a matter of urgency for the containment of the COVID-19 spread, the government decided to apply a ban on night-time traffic and people movements, as from 21:00 and until 05:00. Arriving and departing passengers on flights scheduled within the night ban, will be exempted. In case of a police check, passengers must provide their ticket or other evidence regarding their flight time schedule.
  • Face masks are mandatory for all airline passengers and flight attendants
  • The use of mobile apps is encouraged
  • Passengers must maintain a distance of 1.5 meters from one another in the waiting areas
  • A special boarding process has been set up with passengers boarding in smaller groups, to avoid overcrowding
  • Access to the airport building is strictly for passengers, airline crew & airport staff. All transfer escorts will be waiting outside the building.
  • Immediately upon arrival at the airport, the aircraft cabin must undergo cleaning in accordance with an enhanced antiseptic program, before being allowed to continue flying.
  • Arrival at the airport in due time (3 hours ago)
  • Prepare for a thermal check at the airport
  • Passengers sign electronically a health statement before the boarding pass is issued
  • Reduce in-flight services to a minimum / Reduced food and beverage service
Why choose us

With the COVID-19 outbreak, ports and airlines are imposing various restrictions that make crew changes a difficult process. We are proud to inform you that we have repatriated from all over the world more than 700 seamen during the crisis of Covid-19. Since May (when the travel restriction for travelling to the Philippines took place) we have repatriated over 240 Philippene seamen. Kyvernitis Crew Travel department was the first one to have successfully managed crew changes in collaboration with many shipping companies.

Please take a look at the map below to see our success stories:
Repatriated Seamen
  • Philippines: 240
  • USA (Portland, Miami, NYC etc): 110
  • Tokyo: 45
  • Seoul: 78
  • Los Angeles: 53
  • Reunion: 78
  • San Francisco: 10
  • Copenhagen: 65
  • Las Palmas: 37
  • Marseille: 27
  • Houston: 34
  • Mexico: 22

* Please note: Restrictions, testing requirements, and mandatory quarantine measures are subject to change depending on how successful Covid-19 management/infection rates reported at airports of origin and according to the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidelines.

PLEASE NOTE that every two (2) weeks the news will be reviewed and the information updated. Please contact us at if you have any further questions